Morph Recognition Cards & Morph Recognition Hack Pack Released!

We're happy today to roll out two new accessories for Eclipse Phase:

Morph Recognition Cards

Morph Recognition Cards are 114 playing-card-sized cards, containing every morph listed in the Morph Recognition Guide. With art on one side and stats on the other, Morph Recognition Cards can be used as a quick-reference at the game table, to randomly assign morphs to NPCs, and also as a randomizer (100 of the cards are numbered 1-100!)

Morph Recognition Cards are available directly from DriveThruRPG/DriveThruCards for $19.99!


Morph Recognition Hack Pack

We complete our trilogy of Morph Recognition releases with the Morph Recognition Hack Pack, which features over 100 pieces of morph artwork in 150DPI G format. It's ready to use in your virtual tabletop software, your social media, or as game aids for your home game!

This Hack Pack is bursting at the virtual seams, and is only $9.99 from DriveThruRPG!