Firewall Available: PDF, Hack Pack, and Music!

Eclipse Phase's Firewall is now available from DriveThruRPG as a PDF, along with the Hack Pack containing art and Singularity files, and three new music tracks from Scott Fox!


Firewall is 200 pages, focusing of course on the Firewall faction, but also on other secret organizations that players may join—their organization, operations, secrets, and rivalries.

You can pick up Everything Firewall in one bundle!

Of course, the PDF version of Firewall is available as a standalone purchase, as is the Firewall Hack Pack.

Just looking for some new music? Then we have Scott Fox's Firewall, Morph: Fury, and Blight (Exsurgent Virus) for your soundtrack needs!

Firewall is going to the printers in early April, and we'll be opening print pre-orders later in the month!