Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Morph Recognition Cards: Free PDFs!

Last year we rolled out two card-based projects: the Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Eclipse Phase Morph Recognition Cards. We're now making them available as free and Creative Commons BY-NC-SA PDFs, so you can download and print them yourself, as well as modify them to suit your own needs at the game table! The print on demand versions are still available, of course!

Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards

The Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards are a 53-card set designed to make your Eclipse Phase games play faster at the table! The Modifier Cards start with Aptitude Modifiers, and move on to cards for Mesh, Morph Acclimation, Wound, and Trauma modifiers. Plus cards for tracking Speed, and blank cards you can customize at the table!

You can read more about using the Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and our new Morphless character sheet.


Eclipse Phase Morph Recognition Cards

Morph Recognition Cards are 114 playing-card-sized cards, containing every morph listed in the Morph Recognition Guide. With art on one side and stats on the other, Morph Recognition Cards can be used as a quick-reference at the game table, to randomly assign morphs to NPCs, and also as a randomizer (100 of the cards are numbered 1-100!)


Modifier and Morph Recognition Cards Bundle!

The fastest way to get all the cards in both print and PDF is the Morph + Modifier Cards bundle!