Glory available in Print & new Eclipse Phase bundles!

We have updated our classic adventure Glory, and made it available in Print on Demand via DriveThruRPG!

Glory is a 23-page starting adventure in which agents of Firewall investigate a missing comrade and are pitted against a legacy of the TITANs that destroyed Earth. It will pitch players right into the Eclipse Phase universe!

  • Track a missing Firewall proxy to the darkest reaches of the outer solar system.
  • Locations: Interact with anarchist space habitats on the way to exploring a remote space station.
  • Threats: Challenge smart, evolved space predators armed with TITAN tech on their home turf.
  • Campaign Play: Includes ideas for using scenario NPCs as recurring antagonists.
  • TITAN Lore: Intrepid sentinels may gain more hints as to the TITANs’ purpose during the Fall. 

Glory is available in both Print on Demand ($9.99) and PDF ($4.99) or both for $11.99.


New DriveThruRPG Bundles!

DriveThruRPG has rolled out a new feature making it easy for you to complete bundles if you already have purchased some of the titles in them, while maintaining the bundle discount you would get!

We've created a new category that lists all Eclipse Phase bundles, and we've added a few giant bundles to make it easy to complete your Eclipse Phase Collection!:

As new titles for Eclipse Phase are released, they'll get added to the appropriate bundle, and you'll be able to continue auto-completing them!

Coming Up Soon

We'll be announcing the Street Date for the print version of After the Fall next week!