Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good is Available!

The Eclipse Phase sourcebook Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good is now available in print and PDF from DriveThruRPG.

 Argonauts is a sourcebook for Eclipse Phase players and gamemasters:

  • Discover the history and secrets of the Argonauts, transhumanity’s foremost scientific organization.
  • Organization and Politics: Understand the people and policies driving this faction.
  • Super Science: Learn about Argonaut projects in science and engineering. 
  • Playing Argonauts: See how Argonaut characters bring contacts and expertise to PC teams.
  • Plot Hooks: Introduce Argonaut NPCs and faction-related intrigues to your campaign.

Argonauts is a 23-page sourcebook presented via Print-on-Demand and as a layered PDF with hyperlinks.


Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good will also be available at Indie Press Revolution by early March.

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