State of the World & Posthuman Studios

It's a strange time to write an update. It's a strange time to be.

The state of the world and the state of business is changing quickly. Personally, we are all in official Shelter in Place states or practicing social distancing as much as possible.

Business-wise, we continue to work on Eclipse Phase projects, but the near future of the tabletop game business is murky: major distributors are suspending operations, some printing companies have done the same, conventions have been cancelled, postponed, or are in limbo. Amazon — the world's largest bookstore — is not buying books.

While we all work from home on a regular basis, the pandemic changes things: partners are also working from home, children aren't at school, schedules are disrupted.

Our immediate focus is on finishing ongoing projects and not opening new loops. This includes the remaining rewards and stretch goals from the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Kickstarter project, all of which are in progress.

Eclipse Phase Second Edition Update

This week we updated the Eclipse Phase Second Edition PDFs, and the Character Pack, bringing them in line with the 1.2 errata. Most of the changes from 1.1.1 to 1.2 are minimal, especially on the mechanics level. We needed to complete this errata pass before handing Eclipse Phase Second Edition to our foreign translation partners.

If you've already bought them, the updated files should already be in your DriveThruRPG library!

Supporting Posthuman, Game Stores, Other Publishers

In these uncertain times, if you can do so: direct financial support of your favorite publishers is going to be very important. If you cannot do so financially, please assist in community building:

  • Posting reviews!
  • Running Eclipse Phase online — via Discord, Roll20, Astral Tabletop.
  • Stream on Twitch or post Actual Play podcasts or written summaries of your games.
  • Share the free A Time of Eclipse setting guide with fellow gamers.
  • Share Welcome to Eclipse Phase.

We have opened a public Eclipse Phase / Posthuman Studios Discord, you can join it here for game discussion and community!

Our nascent Patreon will move out of beta status at the end of March — supporting us on Patreon gets you access to extra channels in the Discord, sneak peeks at upcoming projects, playtest material, and more.

Rob's going to be streaming his Nexus 6 DJ set on twitch this Friday night at 10PM CST at and we've created a Posthuman Studios twitch account for future PS+ related streams!

Getting Eclipse Phase Second Edition

Our partnership with Atlas Games is ongoing, and you can order Eclipse Phase Second Edition (and other books soon!) directly from our online store, fulfilled by Atlas. We've added PDFs and Print + PDF bundles to our online store, which Budget and Support Posthuman options so you can tweak how much you spend on Print + PDF bundles. And we've made gift cards available in a few denominations.

We have temporarily suspended selling merchandise and other items from our online store — those that we would fulfill directly. We'll keep evaluating the viability of resuming those sales/shipments in the coming weeks.

For game stores, several distributors in the USA are stocking Eclipse Phase Second Edition, and we're working on getting more — and international distribution deals — set up. As you can expect, this is slow going with COVID-19 occupying the time and attention of everyone in the fulfillment chain. If your friendly local game store is open, please support them. If they are not open right now and you can do so, please consider buying a gift certificate or contributing to them in some other way.

Future Projects

We will be doing some upcoming projects in print via direct pre-order, where the number of pre-orders helps us determine how large of a print run to make. Digital books will continue as normal, of course!

Stay Safe!

Thank you for all your support over the years. Please stay safe in the upcoming days and weeks, and we'll speak to you again soon!

Adam, Rob, Brian, Davidson

Posthuman Studios