Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack + Transhuman & After the Fall to POD!

Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack

The Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack contains:

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition cover, chapter-opening, and other artwork as 150DPI images. (88 PNG files)
  • All Sixteen Sample Characters (16 PNG files)
  • Pool Icons in multiple variants (18 PNG files)
  • Faction, Hypercorp, and Interface icons (35 PNG files)

In addition to the new Hack Pack, we've updated our bundle of every Hack Pack — every Hack Pack at a 50% discount, including the new EP2 Hack Pack!

Transhuman and After the Fall via Print on Demand

Transhuman — the player’s guide with package-buy creation for first edition — is now available via print on demand. Joining it is After the Fall, the Eclipse Phase fiction anthology edited by Jaym Gates.

Both titles are available in their original printings directly from us, as well: Transhuman and After the Fall.

Next Up: Xenovore and Xenovore's Fate

We're in the layout and final editing/development stages of both Xenovore and Xenovore's Fate. As with Overrun, we'll release the PDFs and the print versions will be available for pre-order at the same time.


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