Seven years ago today, we released Morph Recognition Guide for Eclipse Phase first edition! To celebrate that, we've made the PDF version available for only $1.99 until the end of July!

It hasn't been a secret that due to fan demand we've been working on a Second Edition Update to Morph Recognition Guide — our patrons have access to the playtest manuscript already and we're in the layout/art stages of the book. We're taking playtest comments on this version until July 26th!

MRG2 will be 88 or 96 pages, filled with morphs that didn't appear in Eclipse Phase Second Edition — and those that did! In addition, it offers some new artwork, new categorizations of morphs, new ware and traits, limited-edition morphs, and rules for designing your own!

MRG2 will be available in both print and PDF and Creative Commons-licensed, like all Eclipse Phase titles. We expect to release MRG2 by October.