Post Gen Con FAQ

Updated Tuesday, September 3rd.

It's the Wednesday after Gen Con; our booth furniture is safely tucked away in our storage unit, we've sluiced off the sweat and grime from teardown and the drive back to Chicago, and we've put some real food into our stomachs and had a couple good night's sleep — the best we've had in weeks. I'm about to hop on the train home to Minneapolis.

Getting Eclipse Phase Second Edition finished and out to backers in digital form, and then in print for Gen Con was a heck of a crunch, and we had to scale back on some plans that were about to happen around the convention.

This means that we've been getting a handful of frequently asked questions over the last few days, so here are answers!:

Q: When can I pre-order a copy of Eclipse Phase Second Edition?
A: BackerKit is open for Pre-Orders. It will remain open until Wednesday, September 4th.

Q: When will the PDF version of EP2 be available?
A: It is now available on DriveThruRPG!

Q: When will Backer/Pre-order copies of EP2 going to ship?
A: Our printer will begin work on the second portion of the first print run in early September, and after those books are printed, they'll go out to our distribution centers and then to backers. That process will vary in time depending on what country you are in and how complex your order is.

We pushed the second portion of the print run back to correct mistakes found in the first release, and to touch up a few things. Very few of these things are mechanics/game-related, but we wanted to do a more thorough job!

Q: When will EP2 be available in game stores?
A: We anticipate mid-November, after all backer/Pre-order copies have shipped.

Q: How about the "Everything Eclipse Phase! USB key?"
A: Now that EP2 is finished, we'll be getting those manufactured and sent out in early October.

Q: What about those t-shirts and Surya pins?
A: We'll have an online pop-up shop for those before the end of September!

Q: What's coming up next?
A: We have some EP2 resources such as the Quick-Start Rules that were created during development that need some updates to bring them in line with the final rules. The third Nano Op: Better on the Inside is available now, and then we'll be moving onto digital stretch goals from the Kickstarter project like NPC File Volume 2 and Your Whispering Muse!

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