• Three new Electronic Eclipse Phase Releases Coming July 28th!

    Posthuman Studios has three kick-ass Eclipse Phase titles coming your way as PDFs on Wednesday, July 28th: NPC File 1: Prime, the highly-anticipated Sunward: The Inner System, and the Sunward Hack Pack!

    NPC File 1: Prime

    An electronic exclusive, NPC File 1: Prime presents over thirty original NPCs and some additional variants with a description and full stats; ready for use as opposition or player characters.

    Two files are included: One with all the NPCs in a typical layout format, and a second with half-page character sheets for each NPC.

    NPC File 1: Prime will be $5 and is Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) licensed.

    Sunward: The Inner System

    Eight days before its debut at Gen Con (yes, there will be a Sunward ... well, many Sunwards ... at Gen Con!), you'll be able to get your hands on the electronic version of Sunward!

    Sunward details the inner part of the solar system:

  • Eclipse Phase night at Gamma Ray Games, Seattle

    Eclipse Phase writer and sometime online marketing helper monkey Jack Graham (that's me) will run one awesome session of EP this Thursday, 7/22/2010, at Gamma Ray Games in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

    It'll be at 6:30 pm. Please ping the game store on their Facebook page to RSVP.

    Sorry for the short notice on this. I've been doing the Clarion West writer's workshop, and gaming, like sleeping, eating, and shaving my beard, has taken a back seat to writing sci-fi.

    We'll be playing Doctrine, the scenario that I wrote for Gen Con this year. Secret Club Date! Sneak Preview! Holy Cats, Octomorph!

    Hope to see some of y'all there.

  • ENnie Awards Voting

    Voting for the 2010 ENnie Awards is underway! Eclipse Phase is nominated in four categories--Best Cover Art, Best Writing, Best Production Values, and Game of the Year--and we'd appreciate your votes! The polls are open this week only.

    If you're looking for some more detail, you can read my thoughts on our nominations or check out what Adam had to say.

    While you're voting, please also consider Posthuman Studios for Best Publisher!


    Thanks for taking the time!

  • GenCon Interviews

    If any bloggers, podcasters, or other new media journalistas out there will be at GenCon and feel like poking and prodding at me, Brian, Adam, and/or Jack, we'll all be there too and can make ourselves available for your examinations. We'd be happy to talk about Eclipse Phase, upcoming projects, Posthuman Studios, the game industry, transhumanism, and politics of various persuasions. If you want the juicy stuff, you are encouraged to buy us drinks. Just sayin'.

    In all seriousness, we're starting to set our schedules for the con, so please contact us soon if you want to set up a  time!

  • Resources Page Updates

    Just finished a minor re-organization and update to the Resources page. We've provided a handy menu to the sections, moved the Quick-Start Rules to their own page ( of course), and added a number of new links to fan-created material, among other changes. We're always interested in seeing the work of our fans--we like to see that Creative Commons license put to use--so if there's anything else out there we've missed, please let us know!

    We have some other website updates in the works, including a re-organization of the forums, so stay tuned!