• Eclipse Phase Nominated for Grog d'Or

    Eclipse Phase is one of the twelve nominees for this year's Grog d'Or (Golden Grog) award. The award is chosen by the folks behind the Guide du Roliste Galactique, with the nominees coming from the games chosen for their website's game of the month (EP was the October 2009 choice). The list of nominees is:

        * Hollow Earth Expedition (Exile Game Studio, Sans-Detour éditions)
        * Barbarians of Lemuria (Beyond Belief Games, Les Livres de l'Ours)
        * Chroniques Oubliées (Black Book Editions)
        * Devâstra (7ème Cercle)
        * Aces & Eights (Kenzer and Company)
        * Eclipse Phase (Posthuman Studios)
        * Sable Rouge (7ème Cercle)
        * B.I.A. (Les XII Singes)
        * Yggdrasill (7ème Cercle)
        * Doctor Who (Cubicle 7)
        * Warhammer (Fantasy Flight Publishing)
        * Le Trône de Fer (Green Ronin Publishing, Edge Entertainment)

  • Lookie Here

    Received a package today with my advance copy of the EP Gamemaster Pack. While the rest are still on the boat from overseas, I thought I'd share the experience with those of you waiting to get your hands on the physical thing. Here's the still-sealed nice and hefty package (the cardboard is a very sturdy stock):

    And here's what it looks like opened, with the screen set up:

  • Eclipse Phase Leaving Catalyst

    As noted earlier today on the Catalyst site, we are in negotiations to sever the licensing agreement between Catalyst Game Labs and Posthuman Studios. Here's what Catalyst had to say:

    Catalyst Game Labs Negotiating To Part Ways With WildFire And Posthuman Studios

    Catalyst Game Labs is currently engaged in negotiations to end its agreements with WildFire and Posthuman Studios. Once the terms are finalized, Catalyst will no longer publish CthulhuTech or Poo: The Card Game for WildFire, nor will they co develop and publish Eclipse Phase for Posthuman Studios.

  • [April Fool's Post] Posthuman Studios Acquires License for Iron Sky RPG

    Trigger Happy Lawyers, Please Take Note: This post was an April Fool's joke, and as such is a work of parody. I wish we didn't need to include such a disclaimer, but we live in a litigious world.


    Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce the addition of Iron Sky as an alternate setting for the Eclipse Phase RPG. Initial plans call for the release of a core book porting the Iron Sky setting to the Eclipse Phase rules engine, followed by two supplements in 2010 and early 2011.

    What will Eclipse Phase: Iron Sky look like?

    "Basically, you're a Space Nazi," said lead developer Rob Boyle. The core game will feature one playable race (Aryan), a wide range of Space Nazi morph types using Eclipse Phase's unique resleeving mechanics, and a wealth of setting material on the Moon, Earth, and other places where Space Nazis go on Space Nazi adventures.