• Signed Book Sale - Limited Time!

    Until October 9th, we are selling a limited number of signed and personalized Eclipse Phase books! This is something that you can normally only get by visiting us at a convention, but we know that not everyone can make it to a convention.

    The books will be signed at our company summit -- where we sit down for three days straight to talk about upcoming plans, books, games, and more -- later in October, and in the mail to you by the end of the month. Not quite in time for Halloween gifts, but we hear there's another holiday later in the year where a personalized book may be happily received!

    All signed books are $45 plus shipping, and the following titles are available: Eclipse Phase Core rulebook, Transhuman, Sunward, Rimward, Morph Recognition Guide, and Gatecrashing!

  • Million Year Echo: Print, PDF, and Scott Fox Soundtrack!

    Posthuman Studios is proud to announce we have reached a multi-year agreement with industrial artist Scott Fox (also known as iVardensphere), to create an ongoing Eclipse Phase soundtrack in conjunction with new Eclipse Phase releases!

    The first two Eclipse Phase tracks from Fox tie in with the just-released Million Year Echo, and are titled Qurain and The Blind Iman.

    Qurain Echoing what Qurain once stood for and embracing what it has become, this piece offers hints of middle-eastern flavor but is sparse, disjointed and broken.

  • Help us build a better Eclipse Phase GM screen

    From now until October 1, we'll be conducting a survey on what you'd like to see in our upcoming reprint of the Eclipse Phase Gamemaster Screen.

    The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. We'll use it to prioritize which charts, tables, and rules summaries make it into the new version of the screen. So far over 200 Eclipse Phase fans have given their input. Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think, too!

    Thanks much, and as always, beware the nano-bees.

  • Eclipse Phase: The Singularity is Here!

    Posthuman Studios, in association with Snow Dog Labs software, is pleased to announce the public release (Version 1.0.1) of Singularity, the cross-platform character generation software for Eclipse Phase.

    Singularity includes the character creation methods used in both the Eclipse Phase core rulebook and Transhuman, the Eclipse Phase Player's Guide. It incorporates all morphs, gear, and other relevant character creation details from every single Eclipse Phase sourcebook published to date!

    Singularity is a great resource for Eclipse Phase players, who will love the ability to create, track, and advance characters more easily. Gamemasters who desire to create multiple characters and NPCs for their campaigns will also find this software tool immensely useful.

  • Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2014!

    Gen Con. The Best Four Days in Gaming. Approaching at breakneck speed.

    What's up with Posthuman Studios at Gen Con?

    First up, not gonna sugar-coat it: Our booth is wayyyy in the back of the Exhibit Hall. Again. We're booth #559, as seen on the map below! We're worth the trip!

    The Booth

    We have a bigger booth this year, and a bunch of new signage and all that exciting stuff. We'll be looking better than ever, and that's not even counting how well some of us are aging.

    Shinobi Clans

    Our new card game debuts at Gen Con. We'll be running demos all day long at the booth, in addition to Game with the Designer games at 3PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (sold out!), and also demos in Hall D (Green), at tables 7 and 8 from 10AM to 3PM on Sunday.

    The full rules for Shinobi Clans are already available for download, and we'll have copies of the game available for sale.