• Morph Recognition Guide PDF Online!

    Morph Recognition Guide is now available in electronic format! One of the stretch goals from the Transhuman Kickstarter, MRG compiles every morph and a bunch of variants from previous Eclipse Phase books (Eclipse Phase, Sunward: The Inner System, Gatecrashing, Panopticon, Rimward: The Outer System, and Transhuman!) into one book, perfect for "the shopping expedition." It also compiles morph-related rules, essentially making it "The Player's Handbooks for Morphs."

    Morph Recognition Guide is 128 pages and will be available in full-color hardcover in the next few months, and the PDF version is available today!

    Morph Recognition Guide:

  • Eclipse Phase Bundle of Holding

    From June 9th to June 12th we are partnering with Bundle of Holding for a pay-what-you-want bundle of Eclipse Phase titles. Starting at $8.95 you get copies of Eclipse Phase, Sunward: The Inner System, and NPC File 1: Prime! If you contribute more, you'll unlock additional books: Continuity, Transhuman, and Panopticon. Those books initially unlocked if you pay at least $15.95, but the unlocking dollar figure will change depending on how much other people contribute!

    This is a great chance to give the gift of Eclipse Phase to a friend or your gaming group, one easy transaction -- and you pick the price! (If you bought all those PDFs by themselves, they would be $75, so you can steer your purchase based on that figure.) All books will be fulfilled by DriveThruRPG, so you'll be in the loop for future updates to them.

  • Zone Stalkers, Eclipse Phase 4th Printing PDF, and Price Realignment

    We are happy to announce the availability of a new book: Zone Stalkers, in print and PDF, the release of the PDF equivalent of the upcoming Fourth Printing of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, and a re-aligning of our prices of electronic books.

    Zone Stalkers

     Zone Stalkers is a gamemaster-focused sourcebook for Eclipse Phase:

  • April: Not So Cruel at PS+

    Here's a quick update on what the Posthumans have been up to over the last month.

    The big news for April was the release of The Devotees, the longest scenario we've released to date for Eclipse Phase. Caleb Stokes took on some of the darkest subject matter in EP -- the trade in stolen egos -- and built a densely twisting story of x-risks and gangland double-crossing. The scenario features art by Andy Wright, Nathan Geppert, and Mark Molnar. And this book was my first outing as a developer (although Rob did jump in & save my potatoes a few times).

    If you didn't back our Kickstarter last year, you can get print and PDF copies of Devotees at Drivethru RPG. As usual, it's Creative Commons licensed, so there's probably a torrent somewhere out there, too.

  • The Devotees available in Print and PDF!

    Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce the public release of The Devotees, written by Caleb Stokes. This Eclipse Phase adventure was funded by the Transhuman Kickstarter as a stretch goal, and is now available in print and PDF at DriveThruRPG.

    The Devotees is a scenario for Eclipse Phase:

    • Pit your Firewall team against Nine Lives, the most ruthless syndicate of soul thieves in the System.
    • Investigate a horrifying new psychosurgery technique that creates worshipful slaves.
    • Includes new information on the organization and key figures in the Nine Lives crime syndicate.
    • Includes details about Legba, Nine Lives’ asteroid stronghold in the Main Belt.
    • Includes hooks for future adventures against Nine Lives.

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