Brian Cross Bio

Eclipse Phase Contributor Bio<
Real Name: Brian Cross
Firewall Codename: Kylleran
Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Loonie/Argonaut

Previous Experience: Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, and a few other SR products (both 3rd and 4th)
About Me: I’m a graduate student by day and by night as well. I’m currently writing my dissertation and hope to be set loose upon the world soon. In my spare time I both play and write games and spend a great deal of time planning elaborate escape plans from my current geographical confines.
Transhumanist Interests: I’m both personally and professionally interested in the effects of accelerating technologies on the human-turning-transhuman condition. While I’m skeptical of such ideas as ‘the singularity’ happening on time (January 1, 2050, right?), I do think that the emerging technologies present the best opportunity that has come along in a long time to radically reshape our world into something better, something more egalitarian.
Eclipse Phase Contributions: I co-created the Eclipse Phase concept with Rob Boyle and have contributed to the development of the project as time has allowed. Specifically I’ve worked on the skills and some of the intro materials to the game.

Favorite Thing About Eclipse Phase: I like my sci-fi hard, but I realize not everyone does. In that vein, EP is about as hard as they come but also has a real (trans)human element that should resonate with even the most casual gamer. We’ve made a game that doesn’t sacrifice your post-singularity dystopian best-guess future, but it’s also a game that doesn’t require a Ph.D. in Physics to really get. It’s got something for everyone and it brings a whole new dimension to tabletop RPGs with the uploaded personality system (look ma, no deaths!).