EP and GenCon

For folks who are attending GenCon, you should make sure to attend the Catalyst Game Labs seminar on Saturday the 16th, 12:00 to 13:00, at the Embassy Suites, room Chancellor 3. We have a special announcement to make regarding Eclipse Phase that you’ll want to hear!

While the EP core book itself won’t be at GenCon, we will have an Eclipse Phase Quick Start Rules handout that we’ll be giving away for free. It includes an overview of the setting, a simple version of the rules, and a starting adventure.

We’ll be posting the QSR on our (still-in-progress) website later, but be sure to stop by the Catalyst booth (#1303/1307) and pick one up. While you’re there, you can grab an EP poster and an EP t-shirt, and check out all of the other exciting things Catalyst has to offer!