[April Fool’s Post] Posthuman Studios Acquires License for Iron Sky RPG

Trigger Happy Lawyers, Please Take Note: This post was an April Fool's joke, and as such is a work of parody. I wish we didn't need to include such a disclaimer, but we live in a litigious world.


Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce the addition of Iron Sky as an alternate setting for the Eclipse Phase RPG. Initial plans call for the release of a core book porting the Iron Sky setting to the Eclipse Phase rules engine, followed by two supplements in 2010 and early 2011.

What will Eclipse Phase: Iron Sky look like?

"Basically, you're a Space Nazi," said lead developer Rob Boyle. The core game will feature one playable race (Aryan), a wide range of Space Nazi morph types using Eclipse Phase's unique resleeving mechanics, and a wealth of setting material on the Moon, Earth, and other places where Space Nazis go on Space Nazi adventures.

"After a white supremacist web site posted comments critical of some of the left wing political activities of Eclipse Phase writers, we felt it was necessary to reach out to this community," said developer Brian Cross, "Doing an Iron Sky RPG seemed like a great way to show that we're not necessarily the pinko race traitors we've been made out to be."

Eclipse Phase: Iron Sky offers several improvements over the core Eclipse Phase setting, including a space combat system, simplified character creation (who needs 1,000 customization points when all PCs are blond haired and blue eyed?), and an all-white production team -- now with more Germans!

"I'm really psyched about how this book is going to look," said lead designer Adam Jury, "German blackletter fonts are fucking sexy, and they're impossible to read, which means less whining from the fans about typos!"

Posthuman will being releasing Eclipse Phase: Iron Sky material in late 2010. Pre-orders for this revolution in science fiction RPGs will begin in July, 2010.

Eclipse Phase writer Jack Graham added, "Yep, we're kidding about this. Happy April Fools Day. Oh, and fuck you, Nazis!"

The real Iron Sky web site is here, and it actually looks like a pretty awesome movie which we're looking forward to seeing. Here's hoping the studio's lawyers realize this is fair use and don't sue us!