Eclipse Phase Leaving Catalyst

As noted earlier today on the Catalyst site, we are in negotiations to sever the licensing agreement between Catalyst Game Labs and Posthuman Studios. Here's what Catalyst had to say:

Catalyst Game Labs Negotiating To Part Ways With WildFire And Posthuman Studios

Catalyst Game Labs is currently engaged in negotiations to end its agreements with WildFire and Posthuman Studios. Once the terms are finalized, Catalyst will no longer publish CthulhuTech or Poo: The Card Game for WildFire, nor will they co develop and publish Eclipse Phase for Posthuman Studios.

“It’s been fantastic to be involved with growing CthulhuTech alongside WildFire, while also launching Posthuman Studios’ Eclipse Phase,” said Randall Bills, Managing Developer. “We love both of these universes and want to seem them grow and flourish. However, in our current situation we need to re-focus on our core brands of BattleTech and Shadowrun, while developing our original games. As such, while we are parting ways with both companies, we’ll be doing everything we can to support WildFire and Posthuman Studios as they assume the full mantle for their
game lines.”

Future details surrounding CthulhuTech will be found at, while future Eclipse Phase details will be found at

What this means is that in the very near future the Eclipse Phase IP will be back fully in the control of Posthuman Studios. We are already talking to several potential publishing partners, and our goal is to get both the Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook reprint and the EP Gamemaster Pack into distribution as soon as possible, followed soon after by Sunward.

Unfortunately we won't have any solid information on release dates until this matter is completely resolved. We'll be sure to post that information here once we know. Thanks to all of our fans for their patience and continued support!