Eclipse Phase Nominated for Grog d’Or

Eclipse Phase is one of the twelve nominees for this year\'s Grog d\'Or (Golden Grog) award. The award is chosen by the folks behind the Guide du Roliste Galactique, with the nominees coming from the games chosen for their website\'s game of the month (EP was the October 2009 choice). The list of nominees is:

  • Hollow Earth Expedition (Exile Game Studio, Sans-Detour éditions)
  • Barbarians of Lemuria (Beyond Belief Games, Les Livres de l\'Ours)
  • Chroniques Oubliées (Black Book Editions)
  • Devâstra (7ème Cercle)
  • Aces & Eights (Kenzer and Company)
  • Eclipse Phase (Posthuman Studios)
  • Sable Rouge (7ème Cercle)
  • B.I.A. (Les XII Singes)
  • Yggdrasill (7ème Cercle)
  • Doctor Who (Cubicle 7)
  • Warhammer (Fantasy Flight Publishing)
  • Le Trône de Fer (Green Ronin Publishing, Edge Entertainment)

You can find more info on the nominees here. We\'re in very good company, so the competition is tough! The results of the election will be known on May 8th, 2010.

It\'s an honor to be nominated, so thanks for the folks who supported us!