Japanese EP Replay Novels in Role&Roll Magazine

Our friends at Arclight in Japan are publishing an Eclipse Phase replay novel in the pages of their Role&Roll Magazine. The first episode appeared in issue 88 and will continue in issue 91 (out in April).

We just received some copies of the first issue in the mail, and they look good -- wish we could read them! A few months back they also sent us a handout for Eclipse Phase they had designed and printed up for giving away at conventions and game shops. A big thanks go out to Akira Okawada, Yusuke Tokita, and other folks who have been helping to spread awareness about Eclipse Phase in Japan. Thanks to their efforts, we're near to finalizing a contract with Arclight for a Japanese translation of Eclipse Phase!

I'd be remiss if I didn't also take the opportunity to thank Janus, who has voluntarily translated most of the core rulebook into Japanese (links in the homebrew section of the Resources page, under "Translations") and also spread the word about Eclipse Phase via his website. Thanks Janus!