Posthuman Studios at Gen Con 2012, Part 2!

In our last post, we went over the games we're running and seminars we'll be presenting at Gen Con 2012. Now we're going to take a look at the great stuff we'll have for you at booth #840 in the Exhibitor's Hall!

Here's a peek at the new stuff we'll have available:


We fully expect that our advance copies of Rimward will be for sale bright and early Thursday morning!

This full-color hardcover release is 200 pages, with a spiffy cloth bookmark. It covers The Main Belt, Jovian Republic, Jovian Trojans,  Saturn, The Titanian Commonwealth, Uranus and the Ultimates, Neptune, The Kuiper Belt, The Autonomist Alliance, plus new morphs and gear.

NPC File Volume 1: Prime

NPC File Volume 1: Prime was our first electronic-only release for Eclipse Phase, and at Gen Con 2012 it's leaping to print! This is a concise look at many NPC types for any Eclipse Phase campaign, with regular and variant stat blocks. We also have The Stars Our Destination available in print form.

The Posthuman USB Stick

The Posthuman USB Stick is a custom printed USB stick with room for 1GB of data. We've preloaded it with every single electronic Eclipse Phase title—every book, every Hack Pack, all the fiction in all the formats we offer, and an electronic copy of Degenesis, our post-apocalyptic RPG! The Posthuman USB Stick is a convention-only special, and we expect them to go swiftly!

Eclipse Phase Dice Bags

Last year we had awesome dice bags from Dragon Chow Dice Bags, and this year we're bringing them back and adding more—we're offering both red and blue bags this year, in Dragon Chow's regular and tall sizes!

Role & Roll Magazine

This Japanese replay magazine has featured Eclipse Phase several times, and we have limited quantities of those issues available for sale!

Other Sweet Stuff

Of course, we'll have our other Eclipse Phase releases available, including the third printing of the core rulebook, Panopticon, Gatecrashing, print copies of The Stars Our Destination, and more!

Hardcover versions of Degenesis will be available, fully-compatible with but replacing last year's Primer softcover edition!

Due to popular demand, we're bringing back the Eclipse Phase "tagline" t-shirts, and also due to demand, this year we'll have them in women's cut style as well as traditional t-shirts!

We also have brand new Rimward posters and Eclipse Phase vinyl decals!

Stay Social for Updates!

We'll be using social media as much as possible during the convention -- please follow ps_pub on twitter and watch the #PS_GenCon hashtags!

We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con 2012!