NPC File 1: Prime Available in Print!

Our first electronic-exclusive release, NPC File 1: Prime, has been our best-selling and one of the most well-regarded electronic titles for Eclipse Phase. Now, we're bringing it print via DriveThruRPG's Print on Demand Program— $10 for the print version, $5 for the PDF version, and $12 for both of them together.

If you previously bought the PDF and want to upgrade to the bundle at a discounted price, you should have already received a coupon in your email, if you subscribe to "product update" emails on DriveThruRPG. If you don't, please send an email to and we'll hook you up with that coupon!

NPC File 1: Prime is 15 pages, full-color, and provides over thirty original NPCs and variants for your Eclipse Phase campaign, complete with full stats, ready to use as NPCs or player characters.