Transhuman Kickstarter Launches!

The Kickstarter campaign for Transhuman has launched!

We are hard at work on Transhuman, the Player's Guide for Eclipse Phase. Transhuman is a player's handbook for Eclipse Phase, full of optional and additional rules and advice. Most importantly, It features two new alternative and simplified character generation systems for Eclipse Phase. One of these uses pre-created packages to build characters, and the other builds off that system but uses random elements to add twists. These systems are designed to make it quick and easy to create a new character or for gamemasters to whip up NPCs as needed.

Transhuman covers different types of Eclipse Phase characters in detail: AGIs, asyncs, infomorphs, uplifts, infugees, and indentures. In addition to roleplaying advice and optional rules for these specific character types, other elements of the game that affect characters such as insanity, death and memory loss, psychosurgery, nanofabrication, and reputation are explored.

The final section goes in depth on morphs. It starts with rules for creating your own morphs and then goes on to cover some brand new morphs to Eclipse Phase. It closes with a section on exotic and specialized morphs, such as flexbots, swarmanoids, aquatic morphs, and using bots, vehicles, habitats, and other non-traditional constructs as morphs.

We have already publicly released some of the material as part of the free Transhuman Open Playtest, and more is coming soon.

We have a base goal of $14,000 for this Kickstarter project, and the funding period runs until Wednesday, May 22nd. We are funding this project through Kickstarter to help us grow our company this year -- we are releasing our first card game, Shinobi Clans, this year, and we're also reprinting Eclipse Phase titles as a long-term investment in the game line. We've been steadily setting money aside to print Shinobi Clans and Transhuman and those titles are on schedule. However, a successful Kickstarter campaign will give us some breathing room and help us make Transhuman an even better book!

There are some great rewards for backers, including copies of Transhuman and other Eclipse Phase titles, art in Transhuman based on you or your character, online and in-person games with the creators, and even the chance to have us create a small Eclipse Phase sourcebook or adventure customized for you and your gaming group!

Transhuman will be 176-200 pages and available as a full-color hardcover book through fine gaming stores. Like our previous Eclipse Phase titles, it will be published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. We estimate that Transhuman, once available in stores, will cost $45 in print and $10 for the PDF.

Thanks for checking out our Transhuman Kickstarter, and we look forward to your support!