Transhuman Kickstarter Updates!

Things have been very busy since we launched the Transhuman Kickstarter, and keeping all aspects of our social media / websites / the Kickstarter itself is a big task. Here's a summary of what's happened so far!

We launched the Transhuman Kickstarter late on Tuesday night, and by noon on Wednesday we had already reached our initial funding goal -- all before some fans had even heard of the project!

By Wednesday afternoon, it was clear that the first stretch goal was going to be unlocked that day, and it was! When we reached $20,000 in pledges we pledged in return to add 8 sample characters to Transhuman, and we unveiled the third stretch goal in the campaign: at $30,000, we'll give all the freelancers (authors, editors, artists -- but not Posthuman owners) a 15% raise for their Transhuman pay!

And by early Thursday afternoon, the second stretch goal was unlocked, adding a further 8 pages of sample characters to Transhuman, for a total of 16. At that point we debuted our fourth stretch goal -- the Morph Recognition Guide, which will be unlocked at $40,000!

We have all the details in our third update here, but in short, the Morph Recognition Guide will include artwork for many morphs that we have yet to illustrate, and have statistics and other information about them. The Morph Recognition Guide isn't part of Transhuman itself; it's a distinct PDF/Print-on-Demand book that will aim to release in November -- if we hit that stretch goal!

We're also adding some new backer levels on Friday the 26th of April at 4PM Eastern Time, and we have added a $10 "Welcome to Eclipse Phase" backer level already, for science-fiction fans who are interested in Eclipse Phase but haven't checked it out yet. The rewards for that level include a PDF copy of the core Eclipse Phase rulebook and four pieces of fiction in PDF/ePub format!

The support for the Transhuman Kickstarter has been overwhelming and awesome, and we can't thank you enough. But we still have goals we want to hit and things to unlock, so we're going to need to ask for more help! Please keep sharing the campaign, liking our posts on Facebook, hitting that +1 button on Google Plus, retweeting things, emailing your friends about it, and requesting that your local game store carry Eclipse Phase books!

How far can we go? We won't know until we're there!