Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Firewall Sample Character Tiles available!

We're excited to release the Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards, a 53-card set designed to make your Eclipse Phase games play faster at the table! The Modifier Cards start with Aptitude Modifiers, and move on to cards for Mesh, Morph Acclimation, Wound, and Trauma modifiers. Plus cards for tracking Speed, and blank cards you can customize at the table!

The Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards are available via DriveThruRPG's Print on Demand service, and cost $11.99!

The aptitude modifier cards are where this deck really shines, so let us take a moment to explain exactly how they work best.

First, you use this fantastic Morphless Character Sheet to keep track of your character. This sheet is specifically designed to work with our Morph Recognition Cards, so you can simply pull the card appropriate to your current morph and place it in the square provided. This allows you to see what implants, advantages, etc the morph provides. Alternatively, if you don't have a morph deck, you can fill in the important details in the space provided, or just keep that page bookmarked in the appropriate book.

Each morph has its own set of aptitude modifers, so pull the appropriate aptitude modifier cards and keep them in front of you. You'll note that the skills on the Morphless Character Sheet are color-coded to the linked aptitude, making it easy to find which of the aptitude modifier cards in front of you should be applied to any given test.

If you resleeve into a new morph, simply pull the new set of aptitude modifier cards and replace the ones in front of you. This allows you to easily keep track of the morph's effect on your skills without recalculating all of the skills on your character sheet.


Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards & Morph Recognition Cards Bundle

We also have a bundle of Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Morph Recognition Cards together, for $29.98!

Firewall Sample Character Tiles

Also newly available are all the sample characters from Firewall, on 8 double-sided 8x10" cardstock tiles, also from DriveThruRPG's Print on Demand service!. This set of tiles is $9.99 (And we have tile sets for the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, Sunward, and Transhuman!

And a little Firewall Note...

We're pleased that Firewall is a Gold Seller on DriveThruRPG, not too far away from hitting Platinum. Thank you!