Panopticon Print on Demand Available!

Eclipse Phase's Panopoticon has been added to DriveThruRPG in both Premium paper and Standard print versions. The full print run sold out earlier this year, and we're proud to keep it available, alongside the Platinum-selling PDF!


Panopticon surveys three areas of the Eclipse Phase setting:

  • Ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillance—living in a transparent society
  • The inner workings of space habitats—and how to hack them
  • Uplifts and smart animals—their scientific and cultural impacts
  • plus new morphs, gear, habitat rules, and more!

The difference between the Standard ($34.99) and Premium ($49.99) versions of the Panopticon print on demand hardcover is the paper quality—the Premium version uses thicker (70lb) paper, which holds the ink better to produce more accurate colors.

A discounted bundle of the PDF + Print version is also available!