Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, to be released in 2017

(The Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Kickstarter project is live!)

Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce: Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, will be released this year, after a Kickstarter project and Open Playtest. The Kickstarter and Open Playtest will go live very soon, with the new edition planned for release in October.

We’ve been working on Eclipse Phase, Second Edition for a while now, conducting private playtests and refining our approach to the game, the book, and the product line. We’re really excited about folding in the lessons we’ve learned and addressing feedback from Eclipse Phase fans.

We have made five key changes to the game:

  • Faster Character Creation — package-buy character creation lets people build characters quickly without overlooking necessary items. Point-based character creation and tweaking is still available.
  • Streamlined Resleeving — an aptitude-linked pool system means that skills don’t need to be recalculated when a character resleeves.
  • Updated Gameplay — number of skills reduced, necessary skills made easier to acquire, gear costs eliminated.
  • Four Sample Teams — pre-fabbed teams can be dropped right into a game and serve as examples of balanced parties.
  • Redesigned Book — a spread-based organization keeps material close-at-hand with less page-flipping.

Eclipse Phase

The Eclipse Phase universe is largely the same, with a few tweaks. We’ll go deeper into the changes during the Kickstarter campaign and Open Playtest!

Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, Releases
Following the print release of Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, we have a lineup planned of support products, starting with a Gamemaster’s Screen, and then followed by the Solar System Gazetteer.

For more in-depth questions, we have created a FAQ.

The Creative Team
Eclipse Phase, Second Edition is developed by Rob Boyle and Jack Graham, with Adam Jury’s graphic design. Authors include Simon Berman, Rob Boyle, Katherine Cross, Nathaniel Dean, Jack Graham, Travas Gunnell, Sarah Hood, Marc Huete, Jason Mical, Ross Payton, and Evie Smith. The cover art is from Stephan Martiniere and featured artists are Christina Davis, Maggie Ivy, Kate Laird, Mitch Malloy, Mark Molnar / Pixoloid Studios, Andy Wright.

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