Catching Up: Eclipse Phase first edition Print on Demand

Eclipse Phase fans,

We're overdue to talk about a lot of different things—a lot of this stuff has been mentioned in Kickstarter backer updates or our mailing list but hasn't been relayed here. So here's the first in a series of posts to catch you up on what we've been doing lately, starting with Print on Demand first edition titles!

First up, a bit of philosophy:

  • We want our titles to be accessible in as many formats as reasonably possible, for as long as possible.
  • We want our core material (core rulebooks, major supplements) to be available in gaming stores, thus we produce print runs of them and sell those books to gaming distributors and stores.

And a bit of history:

When we started publishing Eclipse Phase Print on Demand was around but it wasn't integrated with DriveThruRPG, and it was generally more expensive than it is now. Thus we didn't go through the effort of making print versions of our small page count titles available via POD, and our large titles had full offset print runs — and in some cases, reprints! Hell yeah!

It's 10 years later and with Eclipse Phase Second Edition on the horizon, we're also working on making sure that every First Edition title is available via Print on Demand in addition to digitally.

Now, The Present

We started in September with the First Edition Gamemaster's Screen (cardstock pages designed to work with Hammerdog's World's Greatest GM Screen), and followed up in October and November with Sunward: The Inner System and Rimward: The Outer System.

Rimward cover

We took December off from Print on Demand releases, and landed two in January, the adventures Bump in the Night and Continuity.

Continuity cover

Then in February we released a A Time of Eclipse—all of the source material from Eclipse Phase first edition in a softcover sourcebook.

A Time of Eclipse cover


We also maintain bundles of Eclipse Phase: Everything Electronic & POD Books and Eclipse Phase: All POD Books — these bundles give you everything that's available, and the price is pro-rated so if you've already bought some of them, you only pay for what you don't have ... and everything in the bundle is discounted!

The Future!

Morph Recognition Guide, X-Risks, Ego Hunter, and other first edition titles are all in the queue for conversion, roughly one a month until they're all available!