• Xenovore: the latest Gatecrashing Op!

    Our next Eclipse Phase Second Edition adventure, the Gatecrashing Op Xenovore is now available! It was one of the stretch goals from the EP2 Kickstarter.

    The Print + PDF Pre-Order is also open — we aim to ship the print version of Xenovore in January. Add both the Print pre-order and the PDF version to your cart and take the PDF version for free!

    And of course, Xenovore is available on DriveThruRPG!

    A team of xenoarcheologists on exoplanet Vishnu unearths a spectacular find. But the expedition's backer and lead archeologist is more interested in making reality XP recordings than good science. Incautious inquiries lead to an infection risk. If they don't react quickly, the team will need all of their wits to make it back to the Pandora gate amidst a major infection event.

    Xenovore is a stand-alone adventure designed for Gatecrashing Ops team.

    • PCs accompany a troubled xeno-archeological expedition that uncovers a terrible secret
    • Details the cloud forests of the exoplanet Vishnu and it's slug-like fauna

    Xenovore mockup

    2020 Year End Report

    We are going to return to writing a Year End Report this year. Have any topics you'd like us to cover, or questions to ask? Drop those questions to, and join our Discord server to chat and share gaming stories!

    Stay Safe

    We're looking at some terrible times due to COVID-19, especially in the USA. Please keep yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else as safe as possible.

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack + Transhuman & After the Fall to POD!

    Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack

    The Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack contains:

    • Eclipse Phase Second Edition cover, chapter-opening, and other artwork as 150DPI images. (88 PNG files)
    • All Sixteen Sample Characters (16 PNG files)
    • Pool Icons in multiple variants (18 PNG files)
    • Faction, Hypercorp, and Interface icons (35 PNG files)

    In addition to the new Hack Pack, we've updated our bundle of every Hack Pack — every Hack Pack at a 50% discount, including the new EP2 Hack Pack!

  • Eclipse Phase Complete: USB Digital Archive Pre-Orders!

    We've launched pre-orders for the Eclipse Phase Complete: USB Digital Archive — every single digital thing we've ever released for Eclipse Phase on a laser-engraved USB key for only $125 — more than 50% off buying each title individually!

    This pre-order will close on Monday, August 10th.After that we'll place our order for the USB keys, and we will not be manufacturing more than pre-orders + 10%. We aim to ship the USB keys in late August/early September (depending on manufacturing time!).

    It's also available in a bundle with the Eclipse Phase Second Edition core book + PDF, immediately downloadable and with shipping included for only $185. We'll ship the core book to you immediately as well!

  • Print Pre-Orders for Overrun and more!

    Overrun, one of the stretch goals ("Introductory Adventure") from the Eclipse Phase Second Edition Kickstarter is now available! Backers, see this update for information about your downloads!

    We spent a lot of time working on Overrun — because we love good adventures, and we know reading and running adventures is how many people learn how a game works. We've broken out paragraphs of text to clearly call out when players could/should make rolls, when stress tests could happen, key information the GM shouldn't forget, and more. We're eager to hear what you think about Overrun and the updated adventure presentation!

    Take a look at the PDF preview of Overrun (If you're a GM, not a player — don't read ahead!)

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Print on Demand & Overrun Pre-Orders

    Here’s an update on the Posthuman stuff!

    Eclipse Phase Second Edition Print on Demand

    You can now grab Eclipse Phase Second Edition in softcover from DriveThruRPG, in both Standard Color and Premium Color. If you’re in the USA or Canada, these books will be printed and shipped from the USA. If you’re elsewhere in the world, they’ll print and ship from the UK!

    In the past, we have not released print on demand versions of our hardcover books until those books are in low-stock situations and unlikely to be reprinted. Due to COVID-19 making worldwide availability of EP2 difficult we’ve taken this step to help out our international fans. We’ve always liked experiments — this is one of them.

    We’ve also made Eclipse Phase first edition available in softcover.