• Announcing Morph Recognition Guide Second Edition

    Seven years ago today, we released Morph Recognition Guide for Eclipse Phase first edition! To celebrate that, we've made the PDF version available for only $1.99 until the end of July!

    It hasn't been a secret that due to fan demand we've been working on a Second Edition Update to Morph Recognition Guide — our patrons have access to the playtest manuscript already and we're in the layout/art stages of the book. We're taking playtest comments on this version until July 26th!

    MRG2 will be 88 or 96 pages, filled with morphs that didn't appear in Eclipse Phase Second Edition — and those that did! In addition, it offers some new artwork, new categorizations of morphs, new ware and traits, limited-edition morphs, and rules for designing your own!

  • Octomorph Enamel Pins on Sale!

    We started with the Surya, and now the popular Octomorph has been made into an enamel pin! The Hidden Concern assassin is available in a limited edition glow-in-the-dark edition, and an unlimited blue casting. We know it's not always a good thing when the Hidden Concern shows up ... but it is if you're the one that invited them in!

  • Xenovore: the latest Gatecrashing Op!

    Our next Eclipse Phase Second Edition adventure, the Gatecrashing Op Xenovore is now available! It was one of the stretch goals from the EP2 Kickstarter.

    The Print + PDF Pre-Order is also open — we aim to ship the print version of Xenovore in January. Add both the Print pre-order and the PDF version to your cart and take the PDF version for free!

    And of course, Xenovore is available on DriveThruRPG!

    A team of xenoarcheologists on exoplanet Vishnu unearths a spectacular find. But the expedition's backer and lead archeologist is more interested in making reality XP recordings than good science. Incautious inquiries lead to an infection risk. If they don't react quickly, the team will need all of their wits to make it back to the Pandora gate amidst a major infection event.

    Xenovore is a stand-alone adventure designed for Gatecrashing Ops team.

    • PCs accompany a troubled xeno-archeological expedition that uncovers a terrible secret
    • Details the cloud forests of the exoplanet Vishnu and it's slug-like fauna

    Xenovore mockup

    2020 Year End Report

    We are going to return to writing a Year End Report this year. Have any topics you'd like us to cover, or questions to ask? Drop those questions to, and join our Discord server to chat and share gaming stories!

    Stay Safe

    We're looking at some terrible times due to COVID-19, especially in the USA. Please keep yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else as safe as possible.

  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack + Transhuman & After the Fall to POD!

    Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack

    The Eclipse Phase Second Edition Hack Pack contains:

    • Eclipse Phase Second Edition cover, chapter-opening, and other artwork as 150DPI images. (88 PNG files)
    • All Sixteen Sample Characters (16 PNG files)
    • Pool Icons in multiple variants (18 PNG files)
    • Faction, Hypercorp, and Interface icons (35 PNG files)

    In addition to the new Hack Pack, we've updated our bundle of every Hack Pack — every Hack Pack at a 50% discount, including the new EP2 Hack Pack!