• April: Not So Cruel at PS+

    Here's a quick update on what the Posthumans have been up to over the last month.

    The big news for April was the release of The Devotees, the longest scenario we've released to date for Eclipse Phase. Caleb Stokes took on some of the darkest subject matter in EP -- the trade in stolen egos -- and built a densely twisting story of x-risks and gangland double-crossing. The scenario features art by Andy Wright, Nathan Geppert, and Mark Molnar. And this book was my first outing as a developer (although Rob did jump in & save my potatoes a few times).

    If you didn't back our Kickstarter last year, you can get print and PDF copies of Devotees at Drivethru RPG. As usual, it's Creative Commons licensed, so there's probably a torrent somewhere out there, too.

  • The Devotees available in Print and PDF!

    Posthuman Studios is pleased to announce the public release of The Devotees, written by Caleb Stokes. This Eclipse Phase adventure was funded by the Transhuman Kickstarter as a stretch goal, and is now available in print and PDF at DriveThruRPG.

    The Devotees is a scenario for Eclipse Phase:

    • Pit your Firewall team against Nine Lives, the most ruthless syndicate of soul thieves in the System.
    • Investigate a horrifying new psychosurgery technique that creates worshipful slaves.
    • Includes new information on the organization and key figures in the Nine Lives crime syndicate.
    • Includes details about Legba, Nine Lives’ asteroid stronghold in the Main Belt.
    • Includes hooks for future adventures against Nine Lives.

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  • Awesome Stuff We've Been Up To In March

    As March draws to a close, an update, forsooth!

    The Devotees, the first stretch goal PDF from our Kickstarter, should be in backer hands soon, and available to non-backers not long thereafter. This scenario came in at double the length budgeted for in the Kickstarter, so backers who've been eagerly awaiting it won't be disappointed.

    The next PDFs after that will be Zone Stalkers, a sourcebook about missions into the TITAN Quarantine Zone on Mars, followed by Million Year Echo, a scenario set in the TQZ.

    In other news, our new card game, Shinobi Clans, is off to press, and we're now hard at work on the Morph Recognition Guide and cards, and our next hardback, Firewall.

  • A Time of Eclipse ePub Now Available!

    We're pleased to announce that A Time of Eclipse ePub is now available on DriveThruRPG! A Time of Eclipse is roughly pages 6-111 of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, converted to ePub and Mobi formats. It's also available on the Kindle Store if that's your preferred experience.

    This was one of the stretch goals from the Transhuman Kickstarter, and we're excited to release part of Eclipse Phase in a way that's more accessible to cel phone readers and other small screens. ePubs, unlike PDFs, feature reflowable and resizable text, so you can tweak things to your taste while reading it!

    Work continues on turning the rest of the Eclipse Phase core rulebook into ePub format, and the rules portion will be released as a distinct download sometime in the future!

  • Posthuman January Update

    2014 is underway! Happily, the partners of Posthuman Studios (Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jack Graham, and Adam Jury) and our frequent collaborator Davidson Cole were all able to gather in Chicago just before the new year for a day plus of meetings, hangouts, plannings, reflections, and schemings.

    This isn't a big year in review post, but more of a "State of the Right now" update for you.

    Transhuman has been released and is in game stores now.

    Our new card game, Shinobi Clans, will be winging its way to the printers soon. We're super excited about our first card game, with an excellent design from Jürgen Mayer and stellar art from NEN.