• Catching Up: Eclipse Phase first edition Print on Demand

    Eclipse Phase fans, We're overdue to talk about a lot of different things—a lot of this stuff has been mentioned in Kickstarter backer updates or our mailing list but hasn't been relayed here. So here's the first in a series of posts to catch you up on what we've been doing lately, starting with Print on Demand first edition titles!

    First up, a bit of philosophy:

    • We want our titles to be accessible in as many formats as reasonably possible, for as long as possible.
    • We want our core material (core rulebooks, major supplements) to be available in gaming stores, thus we produce print runs of them and sell those books to gaming distributors and stores.

    And a bit of history:

    When we started publishing Eclipse Phase Print on Demand was around but it wasn't integrated with DriveThruRPG, and it was generally more expensive than it is now. Thus we didn't go through the effort of making print versions of our small page count titles available via POD, and our large titles had full offset print runs — and in some cases, reprints! Hell yeah!
  • Your Whispering Muse Open Call for Writers!

    Posthuman Studios is seeking new-to-Eclipse Phase authors for our upcoming serial-style sourcebook project, Your Whispering Muse! (February 1st: the Your Whispering Muse submissions period has closed! Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!)

    Your Whispering Muse Introduction

    Your Whispering Muse mock cover The first series of Your Whispering Muse will be eight installments, each of them 4-6 pages (roughly 3400 or 5400 words). Your Whispering Muse will cover material that is "slice of life," "off the beaten path," and "you can drop this into your game/riff on it to make an adventure" — things that we don't get to cover in detail in major sourcebooks.
  • Eclipse Phase Second Edition Release Update

    We passed this news onto our backers on Kickstarter several weeks ago, and to keep the public in the loop: Eclipse Phase Second Edition is late, and will be released in 2018. Response to the playtest has been spirited, and we're still working our way through rules issues and rewrites. An update to the playtest package was made available on November 16th, and more material is forthcoming. All of the book's art is in. We're tweaking and expanding the graphic design. And we're pushing forward with Kickstarter stretch goals and other Eclipse Phase projects.

    Eclipse Phase Second Edition Delays

    Our schedule for Eclipse Phase Second Edition was aggressive, and it got waylaid by several factors, some unexpected, and some just hit us harder than expected. Our long-term fans know that we've always operated on a slow-and-steady pace leading to high-quality books, and we will continue that in finishing Eclipse Phase Second Edition.
  • Infinite & Indivisible: Eclipse Phase Ambient Soundtrack Released!

    We're proud to release Scott Fox's complete ambient album for Eclipse Phase, Infinite & Indivisible—it contains 11 individual tracks in MP3 format, and 1 compiled full-length track that seamlessly blends the entire album together. We're really excited to bring this soundtrack to you, and we hope you enjoy it!

  • Eclipse Phase, Second Edition, Kickstarter: last 48 hours!

    The Eclipse Phase, Second Edition Kickstarter is just about to enter the last 48 hours. We've posted a big backer update talking about the 2017-2018 Eclipse Phase schedule. The Kickstarter is going strong, just over $145,000 right now and over 1,900 backers! We've unlocked multiple stretch goals, adding three books and an ambient musical album to the digital stretch goals pack, making the $40 and $100 backer levels extremely good value! We've also started releasing the Eclipse Phase, Second Edition rules in the Open Playtest, available free for anyone to download, and there's a section of our forums to discuss the playtest. The Kickstarter project ends on May 17th, so please check it out and show your support!