• Glory available in Print & new Eclipse Phase bundles!

    We have updated our classic adventure Glory, and made it available in Print on Demand via DriveThruRPG!

    Glory is a 23-page starting adventure in which agents of Firewall investigate a missing comrade and are pitted against a legacy of the TITANs that destroyed Earth. It will pitch players right into the Eclipse Phase universe!

  • A Look at Eclipse Phase and DriveThruRPG's "Metal List"

    Most gamers are interested in numbers. Most business people are interested in numbers. So the numbers behind a gaming business ... well, they're fascinating. Not just for the sake of them, but for the story they tell, and the questions they prompt: Why did this work? Why didn't that work? Why did these two similar books sell very differently? Over our years of publishing Eclipse Phase, we've tried a few experiments, changed tactics in response to feedback and numbers, followed our gut more than a couple times, and most importantly: made a bunch of great stuff that people have fun with at the gaming table. OneBookShelf has sales accolades, the so-called "Metal List." They're one of the only public-facing ways in the game industry to gauge sales of one project against another. There's a couple important things to remember about the metal list:
    • First, the metal list is calculated individually for each storefront -- a sale on DriveThruRPG only counts for their metal list, a sale on RPGNow only on their metal list, even though on the back-end those sales numbers are combined. This is the same for their Top 100 / Top 15 charts!
  • Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Morph Recognition Cards: Free PDFs!

    Last year we rolled out two card-based projects: the Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards and Eclipse Phase Morph Recognition Cards. We're now making them available as free and Creative Commons BY-NC-SA PDFs, so you can download and print them yourself, as well as modify them to suit your own needs at the game table! The print on demand versions are still available, of course!

    Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards

    The Eclipse Phase Modifier Cards are a 53-card set designed to make your Eclipse Phase games play faster at the table! The Modifier Cards start with Aptitude Modifiers, and move on to cards for Mesh, Morph Acclimation, Wound, and Trauma modifiers. Plus cards for tracking Speed, and blank cards you can customize at the table!
  • Eclipse Phase: After the Fall Pre-Orders Open!

    We've opened up print pre-orders for our Eclipse Phase anthology, After the Fall! If everything goes as planned, it will ship to you in late April 2016! In a world of transhuman survival and horror, technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. Other threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien. After the Fall is the first anthology from Posthuman Studios, set in the world of Eclipse Phase, their award-winning roleplaying game. The anthology will be a mix of old and new fiction, including stories by Eclipse Phase favorites—Nathaniel Dean, Jack Graham, Steve Mohan, and Rob Boyle and Davidson Cole. New fiction will feature science fiction rising stars Ken Liu, Madeline Ashby, Fran Wilde, Karin Lowachee, Wesley Schneider, and Andrew Penn Romine. After the Fall is $19.99, and the pre-order period will close on April 22nd!
  • Transhumanity's Fate Developer Notes

    The Eclipse Phase/Fate Core conversion guide, Transhumanity's Fate, went live on DrivethruRPG last week, and the print edition is now off to press. Since the release, there's been a lot of interest in what kind of Fate build Ryan Macklin and I are dropping with this book. The short answer is: minimalist. The primary goal of THF was to present the rich and complex Eclipse Phase universe in a way that's playable for groups who don't want a ton of crunch along with that complexity. This wasn't easy. Core Eclipse Phase uses a lot of subsystems to simulate, in depth, things like hacking, psi, and bodyhopping. The core game is a treat for both min/maxers who want the coolest gun and problem solvers who want their character to have a gadget for every occasion. All of this interacts with the biggest point of complexity in the game: your character's current body or bodies and their myriad potential upgrades.