• End of the Week, End of the World

    ABC News has an article on people who are preparing for the world to end in December of 2012, as predicted by the Mayan calendar. (Those of you who play Shadowrun are already familiar with this idea, as that game places Dec. 11, 2011 as the date of the Awakening, when magic returns to the world, on the same premise.) These people are even buying land and preparing caves as survivalist bases for when the End comes:

    First, a polar reversal will cause the north to become the south and the sun to rise in the west. Shattering earthquakes, massive tidal waves and simultaneous volcanic eruptions will follow. Nuclear reactors will melt, buildings will crumble, and a cloud of volcanic dust will block out the sun for 40 years. Only the prepared will survive, Geryl said, and not even all of them.

  • Cylinder Habitat Artwork

    This illustration from Alex Eckman-Lawn shows the interior of an O’Neill cylinder habitat. If you’re unfamiliar with how these large space habitats works, it might seem confusing, but it’s actually pretty fascinating. The hab is a hollow cylinder, sort of like a soda can, spun along its long axis. This provides gravity to the human settlements that are on the interior, on the curving walls. On the inside, there is no horizon because the walls rise up on either side above you, meeting overhead. Parts of the cylinder are windows, allowing solar light into the interior as it rotates. The interior landscape would be sculpted, allowing for “rural” recreational areas and crop growth in addition to urban settlements

  • Lars Blumenstein Bio

    Eclipse Phase Contributor Bio

    Real Name: Lars Blumenstein
    Firewall Codename: LabRat
    Eclipse Phase Background Equivalency: Hyperelite Argonaut

    Previous Experience: Numerous Shadowrun titles in both German and English

    About Me: I’d classify myself as an open-minded futurist scientophile in both passion and profession. I hold a PhD in biochemistry (biophysics and bioanalytics background) and currently work in the pharma biz. I have been a regular RPG freelancer for about 7 years now, and before that I wrote fan fiction for German-based RPGs (I am German, btw). I am also a caffeine addict (who isn’t?) and a media junkie (news feeds, books, movies/series, i-net, RPGs) when I get the time, though work, freelance writing, social life, and GF have diminished that in recent months.

  • Mars Ruins Artwork

    In Eclipse Phase, after the Fall of Earth, Mars holds the largest population of transhumans. Mars also suffered during the Fall, however, with many former settlements left in ruins.

    This illustration from Alex Eckman-Lawn shows some figures exploring those ruins, with a large surviving dome habitat looming in the background.