The electronic version of X-Risks is now available!

X-Risks is a sourcebook and creature catalog for Eclipse Phase. It details the dangers facing transhumanity:

  • Over 60 creature and machine descriptions, classified by challenge level.
  • Information on extinction threats, from AIs and aliens to nanoplagues and wormholes.
  • Coverage of the TITANs, exhumans, exsurgent virus, Factors, and other hostiles.
  • New exsurgent virus strains, psi sleights, and xenofungi.
  • Traps for high-tech dungeon crawls.

We'll announce a street date for the print version when it's confirmed. The book is currently at the printers.


We are also releasing the X-Risks Hack Pack, which includes 60 pieces of creature and machine threat art and 22 pieces of art from the rest of the book in 150 DPI PNG format.

Finally we have three new Eclipse Phase audio tracks from Scott Fox (iVardensphere) to accompany the X-Risks release: Hunter Killer, Fractal, and Seconds Before The Fall.

Get all of today's releases in the convenient X-Risks PDF + Hack Pack + Music bundle, or check out the other Eclipse Phase bundles:

Discussion Thread

Once you've checked out X-Risks, head over to our forums and the discussion thread for it!


X-Risks cover and Electronic Release Date!

We're excited to finally show you the cover of X-Risks, by the talented and amazing Mark Molnar! If you thought a swarm of nanomachines was just ... pesky ... maybe you haven't yet seen them disassemble an entire moon?


X-Risks details the dangers facing transhumanity:

X-Risks Electronic Release

X-Risks and the X-Risks Hack Pack will be released on Wednesday, June 29th!


Eclipse Phase Games at Gen Con!

The list of Eclipse Phase events at Gen Con has been posted, and registration for events opens on May 15th!

Eclipse Phase events always sell out quickly, and this year we're offering more events both new adventures and favorites than ever to try and meet demand. Before the 15th, take a peek at the event listings and Wish List the tickets for adventures you've yet to explore!

To run those events, we need some more Gamemasters who are comfortable running Eclipse Phase (of both the regular and Fate flavors). We pay our GMs with cash and some complimentary materials. If you're interested in spending some time running Eclipse Phase for us, please email

See you in Indianapolis!

Glory available in Print & new Eclipse Phase bundles!

We have updated our classic adventure Glory, and made it available in Print on Demand via DriveThruRPG!

Glory is a 23-page starting adventure in which agents of Firewall investigate a missing comrade and are pitted against a legacy of the TITANs that destroyed Earth. It will pitch players right into the Eclipse Phase universe!

Glory is available in both Print on Demand ($9.99) and PDF ($4.99) or both for $11.99.


New DriveThruRPG Bundles!

DriveThruRPG has rolled out a new feature making it easy for you to complete bundles if you already have purchased some of the titles in them, while maintaining the bundle discount you would get!

We've created a new category that lists all Eclipse Phase bundles, and we've added a few giant bundles to make it easy to complete your Eclipse Phase Collection!:

As new titles for Eclipse Phase are released, they'll get added to the appropriate bundle, and you'll be able to continue auto-completing them!

Coming Up Soon

We'll be announcing the Street Date for the print version of After the Fall next week!


A Look at Eclipse Phase and DriveThruRPG’s "Metal List"

Most gamers are interested in numbers. Most business people are interested in numbers. So the numbers behind a gaming business ... well, they're fascinating. Not just for the sake of them, but for the story they tell, and the questions they prompt: Why did this work? Why didn't that work? Why did these two similar books sell very differently?

Over our years of publishing Eclipse Phase, we've tried a few experiments, changed tactics in response to feedback and numbers, followed our gut more than a couple times, and most importantly: made a bunch of great stuff that people have fun with at the gaming table.

OneBookShelf has sales accolades, the so-called "Metal List." They're one of the only public-facing ways in the game industry to gauge sales of one project against another. There's a couple important things to remember about the metal list:


What do those things mean for our standings on the metal list? The first doesn't have much impact: for most of our electronic titles, 90% of the OneBookShelf sales happen on the DriveThruRPG storefront. That number is normally higher for new titles, and then gradually drifts downward during the long tail, but still stays above 80%. We specifically link to DriveThruCards for card projects and DriveThruFiction for fiction.

The second has had more impact on some recent titles, due to the number of copies that were sold as part of the Transhuman Kickstarter. We still got compensated for these copies (although parsing exactly what each of those titles earned via the Kickstarter is tricky!), but OneBookShelf didn't, even though we used their system to send out complimentary copies (In the long term, OBS still benefits from this because it helps them gain new customers and retain old ones.)

Also regarding the second, Bundle of Holding sales pay the publisher directly and are fulfilled by OneBookShelf, but OneBookShelf is also paid a fulfillment percentage. We ran Eclipse Phase Bundles of Holding in June and December 2014, putting over a thousand copies of the books offered in people's hands. Well over a year later, people are still redeeming those bundles!

There's one other factor that has influenced some of our titles. For a couple of our early releases, Sunward and Gatecrashing, we distributed to full book as part of a Hack Pack sale. This divided the actual book's sales into two SKUs: the standalone PDF and the Hack Pack. This had a dual impact on our standings on the Metal List and the Top 100 chart: Sunward and Gatecrashing have depressed rankings, and their respective Hack Packs have higher rankings than other Hack Packs!

Below is a list of our Platinum/Gold/Electrum-level sellers. The titles in the lists are not in any particular order. What trends do you see? My answers are after the list!

Eclipse Phase Platinum Level Sellers

Title Print POD Type Note
Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook 4th Core
Rimward 1st Sourcebook (Large)
Panopticon OOP Y Sourcebook (Large)
Firewall 1st Sourcebook (Large)
NPC File 1 Y Sourcebook (Small)
The Stars Our Destination Y Sourcebook (Small)


Eclipse Phase Gold Level Sellers

Title Print POD Type Note
Transhuman 1st Core Transhuman Kickstarter
Morph Recognition Guide 1st Core Transhuman KS Stretch Goal
Sunward 3rd Sourcebook (Large) Previously bundled with Hack Pack
Gatecrashing 2nd Sourcebook (Large) Previously bundled with Hack Pack
Zone Stalkers Y Sourcebook (Small) Transhuman KS Stretch Goal
Continuity Adventure
Bump in the Night Adventure
Ego Hunter Adventure
Glory OOP Adventure Previously bundled with GM Screen

Eclipse Phase Electrum Level Sellers

Title Print POD Type Note
Transhumanity's Fate Core Transhuman KS Stretch Goal
The Devotees Y Adventure Transhuman KS Stretch Goal
Million Year Echo Y Adventure Transhuman KS Stretch Goal
After the Fall Fiction
An Infinite Horizon Fiction
Sunward Hack Pack Hack Pack Previously bundled with PDF
Gatecrashing Hack Pack Hack Pack Previously bundled with PDF
Panopticon Hack Pack Hack Pack
Firewall Hack Pack Hack Pack
Scott Fox - Morph (Fury) Music
Scott Fox - Firewall Music
Scott Fox - Blight (Exsurgent Virus) Music

(Also numerous Copper and Silver sellers, not listed here for brevity!)

Musings on the Numbers

Musings on the Future


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